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SugarDumplins was created June 2010. This is a single maker community ran by Erica (090487) Here you will find freebies and paid requests for you to use for your personal use. Playing in Photoshop and Animation Shop has been a hobby of mine since I was thirteen years old. I am very easy to get along with as long as you use your manners, your brain and please follow the easy rules that make this community run smoothly ♥


Please use your manners when requesting. A simple please and thank you get you far in my book.
When picking up your blinkie, always remember to comment. If you fail to pick up your blinkie in a timely manner it will be deleted and I will not repost it for you.
Save all pick ups to your computer and do not remove or change what I have saved it as. This helps credit the lovely designers for paid pixels.
Try to not be a request hog. I normally only open each post to five to ten people at once. If you requested from the previous post, please sit the next one out.
There is no need to number your requests but if you are a loved member please make note of that in the subject line. I will not be filling any requests after the cut off limit so please pay attention when requesting.

You should spread the word about sugardumplins. The more members the merrier. Please copy and post the link in the text box below and let your friends know about this new community!